United Kingdom Event Space 2011-10-22

Oct 22

Yesterday, something fell into the sea off the coast of England. Witnesses thought it was a plane, so a rescue operation was started. It turned out that no aircraft at the time and place where it was reported as flying, so the most popular explanation is a meteorite. Just as the Earth passes through a swarm of meteors Comet Giacobini-Zinner, had to hit a larger meteor that had not burned in the atmosphere.

Or is it the remains of Elenin, in the end no one knows what happened to her when it hit the solar flare and may have turned to rubble, which is a possible explanation.

Comet Elenin

NASA scientists have said that the comet Elenin, it met its end after coming to spotlight presenting its self as a doom harbinger; its remainders would not come back for more than 12,000 years.

In recent days it has moved round the internal solar system, it came very close on Oct. 16 to planet Earth, but what was remaining were crumbs. Elenin’s fate seemed to have been sealed during a close contact with the sun in September.

“Elenin did as new comets passing close by the sun do about 2 percent of the time: It broke apart,” said Don Yeomans who is from NASA’s office a jet laboratory dealing in Propulsion in California, he stated this on Monday. He also stated that “Elenin’s remnants will also act as other broken-up comets act. They will trail along in a debris cloud that will follow a well-understood path out of the inner solar system. After that, we won’t see the scraps of comet Elenin around these parts for almost 12 millennia.”

Yeomans referred to Elenin as “ex-comet,” which ought to be forgotten. JPL officials on twitter wrote that Comet Elenin is very much sill dead. Elenin flew around 45,000,000 miles (75,000,000 kilometers) from the sun, it fell apart. By October only a thin cloud containing debris was the only evidence of the comet closest contact with the Earth in October, It came within about 22,000,000 miles (35.4000000 kilometer) of Earth. Yeomans said and I quote that “Comets are made up of ice, rock, dust and organic compounds and can be several miles in diameter, but they are fragile and loosely held together like dust balls, So it doesn’t take much to get a comet to disintegrate, and with comets, once they break up, there is no hope of reconciliation.”

The matter became a public reaction after it was proclaimed by doomsayers that Elenin would be the doom of Earth.  Some said Elenin would cause severe earthquakes due to its interactions gravitationally. Another state that Elenin in the first place was never a comet, it was called Nibiru a plant which is rogue and would cause Earth some problems too.

Comet Giacobini–Zinner

This is located in the Solar System, can be referred to as periodic comet. Michael Giacobini discovered it, he was from France, in the year 1900 on December 20th, and he looked closely at a large group of Aquarius. While looking into variable stars in 1913 on October 23, around Beta Scuti, Ernst Zinner from Germany retrieved two passages.

Giaobini Zinner could suddenly appear reaching up to 8th magnitude, however in 1946 Zinner became 5th magnitude after it passed through different stages of outbursts. Zinner is an older version of a shower containing Giacobinids meteor aka Draconds.

An international spacecraft of Cometary Explorers targeted Giaobini Zinner; in 1985 on September 11 it moved through its own plasma tail. In relation to this, space officials from Japanese thought of directing to a 1998 interface with the Giaobini Zinner the Sakigake probe of interplanetary. However it lacked an adequate propellant for essential maneuvers, the project was then abandoned.

The total nucleus of the comet is said to be in diameter about 2.0 kilometers.

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