USA Epidemic Hazard Odd Flu Virus

Nov 28

A senior at W.H.O (World Health Organization) said that specialists were getting ready for upcoming response planning, after fresh flu viruses were detected. There is an upgrade from pigs by the virus to people in some areas of U.S, specialists are “seeking for a way out just in case the virus outbreak goes viral and needs the attention of the world at large”, said DrKeiji Fukuda who is an assisting director-general at Health Security, he was voted by Toronto Star. The virus which is known as influenza A which is a component of H3N2 subtype, it is a far relation to H3N2 viruses which circulate in human environment. Since its first discovery in July, the following countries have recorded 10 cases they are: Marine, Lowa, Indiana and also Pennsylvania. All whose victims were infants below the ages of 10, with a particular case of an adult aged 58 years. Malik Peiris a chairman at the Microbiology Department at Hong Kong University said that an exposure to H3N2 viruses may offer some form of protection against the swine viruses. He quoted that “It is important to see the serological data to see how much vulnerability or susceptibility there is in the human population.” Since the failures that occurred during the 2009 pandemic of H1N1 flu WHO has desired more efficiency without raising alarms. WHO was criticized for its false alarm concerning the swine virus, which had moderate effect causing wastage of vaccines.

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