Somalia Biological Hazard 2012-01-20

Jan 21

In the early 20’s, on January 20th a Biological Hazard occurred. Three tones consisting of already dead fishes were discovered on Tuesday along Bossaso’s shore by Garowe a group of radio reports. Abdiwahid Mohamed Jo’ar, who is the director General at the Puntland Fishing Ministry, he spoke to pressmen, he said that the fishes that were discovered dead at Bossaso’s shore was caused by toxic waste being dumped inside Somali waters, he told the media that investigations were ongoing.

Reporters in a look at piracy have suggested that illegal dumping of toxic substances into Somali waters have made fishermen to go into piracy in Somalia coast as a result of lack of job. AhmedouOuld-Abdallah  who is a past UN official envoy and also a recognized Mauritanian diplomat to Somalia in 2008 told AFP that waste dump and also illegal fishing anywhere near Somali wasters is disastrous for Somalia environment. He added that he was sure of dumping of chemicals, nuclear waste and also solid waste. In Africa, Somali has various amounts of fish species and is also Africa’s longest coast.

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