Jellyfish Invasion Catalan Bay Gibraltar

Jul 10

Individuals visiting Spain beaches this summer have been advised against going near Mediterranean coast has it is inhabited by a species of jellyfish which stings. Visitors are advised to be careful when they go to sea and take precautions against the stinging jellyfish. After ten years the Portuguese section of Man o’ War who are very deadly, they are not really...

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Fireball Sighting England UK 15th June 2012

Jun 16

Hall Green, Birmingham-15th June 2012 Location of Sighting: Hall Green, Birmingham Date of Sighting: 15/06/2012 Time: 23:25 Witness Name: Kai Basha Witness Statement: Me and two other people (just left the bus) saw a fast movign green light in the sky. NO sound. NO Trail. Nothing. Seriously freaked the hell out of me. Anyone know of a shooting star or meteor shower...

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Somalia Biological Hazard 2012-01-20

Jan 21

In the early 20’s, on January 20th a Biological Hazard occurred. Three tones consisting of already dead fishes were discovered on Tuesday along Bossaso’s shore by Garowe a group of radio reports. Abdiwahid Mohamed Jo’ar, who is the director General at the Puntland Fishing Ministry, he spoke to pressmen, he said that the fishes that were discovered dead at...

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USA Epidemic Hazard Odd Flu Virus

Nov 28

A senior at W.H.O (World Health Organization) said that specialists were getting ready for upcoming response planning, after fresh flu viruses were detected. There is an upgrade from pigs by the virus to people in some areas of U.S, specialists are “seeking for a way out just in case the virus outbreak goes viral and needs the attention of the world at large”,...

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United Kingdom Event Space 2011-10-22

Oct 22

Yesterday, something fell into the sea off the coast of England. Witnesses thought it was a plane, so a rescue operation was started. It turned out that no aircraft at the time and place where it was reported as flying, so the most popular explanation is a meteorite. Just as the Earth passes through a swarm of meteors Comet Giacobini-Zinner, had to hit a larger...

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Forest Wild Fire USA

Oct 01

20ii recorded the worst wildfires in years. Numerous wildfires occurred across U.S the previous year, in 2011 southern part of the U.S was burnt in regards to the number of land; the year was a very active fire period since 1960(when record keeping began) with regards to acres of lands that burned, as released by the NIFC (National Interagency Fire Center) in 2011....

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